Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

im sorry but


games that let you save anywhere instead of making you go to save points


the sene fandom

idk i found a nerd on deviantart with fine arts and then i started drawing them gifts in a desperate attempt to get their attention :////

I bought the first game for my wii actually! I didn’t really know much about the game except the objection jokes and that it’s about lawyers so I assumed they were really serious and boring games

but then I bought the first game and played it through with Joni and oh boy was I wrong about the games being boring jfc I love them

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Yume Nikki? I know NOTHING about it (except uboa is a perv) and I might get into it, maybe, depending, sorta, kinda, possibly.

oOPS i actually answered this one already! Also uboa ain’t a perv, it’s just a thing people draw

uboa is literally nothing more than a screaming black and white blob which sends you to the shadow realm upon contact hEH

I’ll totally recommend giving YN a try though, it’s one of my favourite games even with almost complete lack of plot

Baten Kaitos (you saw this one coming didn't you)

HUEHUE I was actually already planning on what to answer hEH

so yeah, this one summer I was at my grandma’s with my brobro and we went to this one game store and there I saw hARVEST MOON - A WONDeRFUL LIFE and also baten kaitos. I wanted harvest moon real bad and my brother wanted baten kaitos + one other game, I can’t remember what it was

he made a sacrifice to drop the other game so i could get my harvest moon and so we bought those two

my first experiences with BK were pretty much me watching my bro play the game and at some point i tried it myself, and found out it’s fun as heck even though my brother saved over my file like twice, leaving me with no option but the start the game over from the beginning



if that ask isn’t baten kaitos, i will eat my laptop

i will not eat my laptop today

if that ask isn’t baten kaitos, i will eat my laptop

Yume Nikki !! uvu


I think it started from DeviantArt? I had seen some fanart or the sort of Uboa and I was just ???? wH?? wHAT IS THAT THING IT’S STRANGE??? and then I looked up Yume Nikki and how to find Uboa, the concept was very fascinating but it took me a while to actually play the game

and then i did and i loved it

» Let’s play an askbox game: Name one of my fandoms, and I’ll tell you how I got into that fandom
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Teleport Maze
66 plays

Teleport Maze - Kikiyama (Yume Nikki OST)


source: official Capcom Japan

artist: 菊野郎さん

translation: me

Friend: we have too many unfinished rps
Me: i know
Friend: so i have this idea for a rp